Thursday, April 29, 2004

Against All Enemies

So, I've been neglecting my faithful readers the last few days (all 1.5 of them). Being a committed blogger is tough when you have a real job, a family (including two teenagers), a dog and two cats. Moreover, when the temp is 80 deg and sunny it doesn't feel right to sit here and commiserate with the other malcontented digerati who are freezing their keesters off in Minnesota.

Anyway, I have been wading my way through Richard Clarke's book "Against All Enemies", and it is crystal clear to me why the Republican attack machine could not let what this man wrote stand up without a full frontal mud smear attack. In Clarke's book Clinton comes off mostly as a hero, with almost glowing praise. The Bush Administration and the Boy Emperor comes off as everyone else has written about him and his "Clan of Cave Bears" - misguided, skeptical to outright disdainful of anything that was created in the US Government prior to 1/21/2001, ideological, ill informed, politically motivated etc. Moreover, Clarke stresses that most of the Bush moves on the National Security front, both pre- but especially post-911, has made the US a less-safe place from terrorism and from other enemies too.

Of course, most of the people who voted for Dubya don't read (as he doesn't read). They get their world view pumped directly into their brains from hours a day listening to Limbaugh and viewing the "Fair and Balanced" assholes at Faux News (see article below about Sugarland Republicans).

Anyway, read this book! I highly recommend it,