Monday, April 12, 2004

As a followup to Friday's post about the editorial section of the Houston Chronicle, I was surprised to see that the editor of the Chronicle addressed this issue head on today. In an editorial titled "Fair, balanced conservative manifesto", James Gibbons restates what I said on Friday-

"SOME readers have complained that the Chronicle's opinion pages do not adequately express the conservative view. They overlook William Safire, George Will, Charles Krauthammer and the other conservative commentators whose work frequently appears."

I would like to add to some of his statements though. For instance, where Gibbons states - "• Illegal immigrants should be stopped at the border." - I would add "except those willing to work for the weathy as domestic servants, nanny's, lawn service, and other jobs that most native born US citizens won't accept at the price most people are willing to pay."

And where he states - "• When the president sends U.S. troops into battle, it is unpatriotic and possibly treasonous to question his motives, judgment, strategy or tactics. Those who do give aid and comfort to the enemy and erode the popular support our troops on the front lines need and deserve."

I would add - "Except when a Democratic president is the one to send those troops into battle - such as Bill Clinton in Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Haiti, FDR in WWII, and Woodrow Wilson in WWI"

And if you don't think FDR and Wilson were criticized by Republicans for their war efforts you need to go back and re-read history.