Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Bush Administration

The more I think of it there are five types of people that make up the Bush Administration. Really there are only four types because Bush is not a real person but a sock puppet controlled at various times by Dick Cheney or Karl Rove.

Of the other types, of course there are the Neo-Conservatives. These are the wackos that got us into war in Iraq (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz etc.) and basically control the military (which scares the shit out of me). These people are also in bed with the Likud Party in Israel, and somehow seem to think that what is good for Likud is good for the US - or at least the people in the US they care about.

Then there are the Whores. People in this category include Colin Powell, George Tenet, along with most of the Senior people in the State Dept. and CIA. They aren't true believers like the Neo-Cons, but they will do anything to keep their jobs and positions of bureaucratic power.

Fourth, there are the political junkies, of which, Karl Rove is the lead dog. Karen Hughes is back in town to help Karl and she is also a lead dog here. There are many people in the Bush Administration that fall into this category, because their view is that winning the presidency is everything. Governing itself is an after thought.

Lastly, there are the wall flowers. These people make up most of the Cabinet. They are the Cabinet Secretaries you never hear of. They don't really do anything, and they are instructed to never actually get in the news. Really, how many of you can name four Cabinet Secretaries besides Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, and Powell? I rest my case.