Sunday, April 18, 2004

Disgusting stories in the news

Here's a story that will just warm your heart. We invade a foreign country, subjugate the people, then try to get them to fight for us against their own people. When they don't obey our orders to kill their fellow countrymen, we arrest them.

US holding 200 Iraqis who refused to fight

BAGHDAD, April 17: US forces have detained around 200 Iraqi paramilitary soldiers who refused to take part in a US offensive against Fallujah, their former comrades said on Friday.

The US military declined to confirm whether the men were being held. Senior officials play down the significance of such incidents but, asked about reports of mutiny among Iraqi troops, have acknowledged a "command failure" took place during the Fallujah offensive.

Soldiers from the Baghdad-based 36th Security Brigade, part of the Iraqi Civil Defence Corps (ICDC), said last week US commanders took them at night to Fallujah, where US forces were massing to crush a growing resistance.

"They told us to attack the city and we were astonished. How could an Iraqi fight an Iraqi like this? This meant that nothing had changed from the Saddam Hussein days. We refused en masse," said Ali al Shamari.

US Marines began a major assault on Fallujah on April 5 after the killing and mutilation of four US private security guards in the city the previous week. Doctors say more than 600 Iraqis have died in fighting in the city since then.