Monday, April 26, 2004

Hold the Presses

I just got this urgent alert from one of my many adoring readers:

The Leader of the Free World by Divine Right of Whatever has gone and pissed off (someone we will call English Bubba) to the point where English Bubba has commanded I write to tell you about it, in hopes that your all powerful blog might alert other to this great travesty of justice.

This came to us by way of our monthly sailing mag, Crusing World, May 2004 (I was going to send you a link, but unfortunately it is not online yet. The online site is still on April). I will now paraphrase the Editor's Log entitled Bushwhacked:

On Feb 26, 2004 Pres W , "citing his all-encompassing war on terror... granted the Secretary of Homeland Security the immediate power to seize any vessel, at any time, anywhere in the territorial waters of the US, if for any reason officials believe it may be used, or is susceptible to being used, for voyage into Cuban waters."

That's right, if anyone at anytime reads Old Man and the Sea and pauses to think it might be fun to follow in Hemmingway's wake, bye bye boat. And it doesn't matter if you are American, Canadian or European, if you have that thought in AMERICAN waters, fuhgetaboutit.

And why is W taking aim at sailors. The editor mentions a March 15th article in The New Yorker and wonders if it might be a political move meant to appeal to anti-Fidel Cubans in Florida, ground-zero in Karl Rove's War on the American Electorate, um, I mean Election Campaign.

Help us Bubba, you are our hope for Cuban Vacation Tomorrow, damn, there goes our boat!

All I (Texas Bubba) can say is Hallelujah! (I never spelled that word before - harder than I thought). If the yacht owners of this world are turning against the Idiot Boy Emperor then he doesn't stand a chance. All he has left are the Sugarland Repuplicans who you can commonly hear saying "And then I realized that I loved Big Brother."