Sunday, April 25, 2004

MoDo's Manifesto - Bushworld Defined

Maureen Dowd is someone I read, but sometimes I think she is so in love with her own metaphors that her message gets lost. At times it seems like she is participating in a creative writing competition rather than writing Op Ed. However, today she hit the bullseye. Check out her NY Times Column here about Bushworld. Below are some exerpts.

It's their reality. We just live and die in it.

In Bushworld, our troops go to war and get killed, but you never see the bodies coming home.

In Bushworld, flag-draped remains of the fallen are important to revere and show the nation, but only in political ads hawking the president's leadership against terror.

In Bushworld, we can create an exciting Iraqi democracy as long as it doesn't control its own military, pass any laws or have any power.

In Bushworld, we can win over Falluja by bulldozing it.

In Bushworld, it was worth going to war so Iraqis can express their feelings ("Down With America!") without having their tongues cut out, although we cannot yet allow them to express intemperate feelings in newspapers ("Down With America!") without shutting them down.