Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Presidential News Conference

For those of you who weren't able to find the time to watch our Commander in Chief last night on TV (I was helping my son with a school project) and didn't have the TIVO or VCR set to record, Critical Viewer has a decent, shorter summary version of what transpired.

There were a few comments I found astounding. One was "I don't like seeing dead people on TV" (some of us don't like seeing stupid people on TV); another one was the statement "Some people say brown people can't self-rule...I reject that!" The third most astounding statement was the following -

"I wish you'd submitted this as a written question so I could have thought about it" response to "what is your biggest mistake since 9-11"...and then the total loss, "I'm sure something will pop into my head"..."I'm just on the spot here, there's a lot of pressure in this press conference.