Monday, April 19, 2004

Presidential Press Conference III

I don't really have a big problem with having a scripted press conference where the President has the questions ahead of time (after all, he is an idiot - he needs a little help). What I do mind is when the mainstream press does not own up to this fact and pretends that the event is mano-a-mano combat between two equal adversaries. However, if what Ron Suskind is quoted here saying is true then we the public are really being duped.

One of Suskind's most severe critiques of Bush was not only Bush's lack of press conferences but also his management of those conferences.

For each press conference, the White House press secretary asks the reporters for their questions, selects six or seven of the questions to answer and those reporters are the only ones called upon to ask their questions during the press conference, Suskind said.

This system makes it so that the president has answers already prepared for questions that he knows will be asked, Suskind said.