Thursday, May 20, 2004

Go Ahead and Read the Ads at the Top

When I started this blog, being the cheapskate that I am, I decided to go the free route. Of course that means that other people are having to pay for my blog space and for the software I use etc. This didn't bother me until I saw all of the Republican National Committee ads at the top of my blog.

My friends, who have much more common sense than I do, suggest that I should put a banner at the top of my blog saying Brought to you by the RNC and then spend all of he blog space dissing them. Instead I put the statement to "Ignore the Ads at the Top".

However, I have noticed that recently the ads have changed. I guess Google Ads software is smart enough to realize that I hate the RNC.

In any case, I noticed an ad today that caught my attention and I clicked on the link. I was not disappointed.

You all should check out this web page that has a blog search engine and keeps statistics on the most chatted about subjects in the bloggosphere.

Definitely worth checking out!!