Sunday, June 06, 2004

D-Day and what it means

Why are Americans so insecure that we need constant adulation about helping defeat the Nazis in WWII? We want the French especially, but also the rest of Europe to forever acknowledge this sacrifice that we made save their butts.

I've got some news for you - we didn't do it to save the French, just like we are not in Iraq to bring FREEDOM to the Iraqis. Freeing the French from Hitler was merely a by product of our purpose over there. Our purpose for fighting the Nazis was born out of our own perceived self interest - as it should have been. If we were interested in saving Europe from the Nazis we would have been fighting over there by 1940. We only went into Europe to fight the Nazis because 1) Hitler declared war on us after we declared war on Japan; and 2) we were rightly scared shitless of what the world would be like if Hitler won.

However, we as a country like to pretend that we are altruistic and that all of the wars we fight are just and aimed at spreading freedom and high moral values throughout the world. Then we want those we "liberated" (e.g. the French) to praise our goodness thoughout eternity. We want - no we expect - that each generation of liberated people pass down to their children and grandchildren the story of how the US saved their butts from pure evil, and therefore they must be eternally grateful and forgive any present and future sins the US government might feel necessary to perpetrate.