Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Infamous C Word

I don't know who turned me on to this. I'm sure it was somebody's blog, but I forgot who. Anyway, forgive me for not crediting who first picked this up.

From Clint Talbott at the Boulder Daily Camera

"Elizabeth Hoffman says the c-word can be endearing. Try calling her that. Watch how endeared she gets.

Hoffman is a staid, sober pillar of society. She is the president of the University of Colorado, a registered Republican and a hobnobber of the first order. Though she holds Ph.D.s in history and economics, she is a cut-the-bull CEO.

Yet in sworn testimony released Tuesday, Hoffman asserted that she has heard the "c-word" — the derogatory term for female genitalia — used "as a term of endearment." "

Yeah, I wonder what kind of kinky relationships she has. I'll bet she's into S&M, leathers, spikes and handcuffs. She probably hear's that word all the time while she's getting whipped.

A term of endearment - Jeebus Criminy