Monday, July 05, 2004

The Houston Chronicle has a good story by someone who by accident was caught up in the long tentacles of Big Brother, AKA the Department of Homeland Insecurity. Charles C. Green, software engineer and would-be fiction writer was scribbling some lines from a story he was working on and happened to write down "I know this is kind of a bomb". The person sitting next to him, who obviously was a busy-body, twitchy, scared creep, immediately ratted to the flight attendant. Anyway, most of us know by now that the word bomb has been banned from all airports, planes, trains, including a 10 mile perimeter around these areas. So after the plane landed, Mr. Green was descended upon by the airport gestapo along with three of Dallas' finest local policemen. Several hours later and after a trip to the police station, Mr. Green was able to convince them the indeed he was a writer (all-be-it) a struggling unknown, and they let him go. However, here's the kicker:

"the honcho gravely warned me that while I hadn't crossed the line, I had walked right up to it. And for that I would be on Homeland Security's watch list."

That's right, if you fall under the Dept. of Homeland Insecurity's gaze, for whatever stupid and ridiculous reason, you will forever be a suspect to them. The assumption is that they don't make mistakes. If one of their jack-booted thugs decided you are a person of interest, then there must be some reason, and you must be watched. We can't be too careful you know. There are terrorists everywhere. Better boost up that terror alert. People must be vigilant. Make sure to keep an eye on your neighbors, friends, parents, children etc. And MAKE SURE to keep an eye on those brown skin fellers.