Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bush Approval Rating - 39%

I got this via Atrios where I get lots of the good stuff. He has his hand firmly on the beating heart of American politics to a much greater degree than most of the Editorial page editors in this country, including the NY Times, Washington Post, and Fox News.

Anyway, as reported on

this week's Economist/You Gov poll has just come out and it contains a lot of good news for John Kerry. The poll was conducted August 16-18, with 1799 respondents ("Registered to vote": 1549, "Will definitely vote": 1417), and the MoE is +/- 2%.

The kicker - Bush's approval rating is an abyssmal 39%. Moreover, Kerry is beating Bush 51 to 43.

Suppose the election for President were being held TODAY. Who would you vote for? George W. Bush, the Republican; John F Kerry, the Democrat; Ralph Nader, an independent candidate, or someone else?

Total; Def to vote (Last week)
George Bush 41% (43); 42% (45)
John Kerry 48% (48); 51% (49)
Ralph Nader 2% (1); 1% (1)
Someone else 2% 1%
Would not vote 1% 0%
Don't know 6% 4%

As of now, what do you think you are most likely to end up doing on November 2? (not allowing 'don't know')

(Total, Def to vote)
George W Bush 43% 44%
John F Kerry 51% 53%
Ralph Nader 2% 1%
Someone else 3% 2%
Not vote at all 2% 0%

In general, are you satisfied or dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States at this time?

(Total, Def to vote)
Satisfied 35% 38%
Dissatisfied 61% 60%
Don't know 4% 2%

Do you approve or disapprove of the way President George W. Bush is handling his job as president?

(Total, Def to vote)
Approve 39% 41%
Disapprove 55% 56%
Don't know 6% 3%