Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Going to the RNC to Protest Republicans: New York wants to give you a discount.

Mayor Bloomberg, in anticipation of 200 to 500 thousand protesters decending on New York to protest at the Republican National Convention, will be offering discounts and free stuff to the protesters. Here is a list of some of the things you can get by wearing a Peaceful Activist button (according to the Washington Post):

.....a free glass of Montepulciano wine with dinner at La Prima Donna, rent a room at the boutique Dylan Hotel ($150 a night) and get dibs on discounted theater tickets. Perhaps "42nd Street" for the Quakers from Kansas and "Naked Boys Singing" for the South Beach set?

The Museum of Sex offers the same $5 discount to Republicans and protesters.

Terrible cynics all, they (the activist groups) assume Bloomberg wants to divert attention from his politically unpopular battle with United for Peace and Justice, the largest of the antiwar groups. Organizers want to end their Aug. 29 antiwar march -- which is expected to draw a quarter-million or so people -- in Central Park. But Bloomberg rejoins that so many feet would chew up the grass.

He has offered the organizers, take it or leave it, a spot along the West Side Highway. They've refused and called him "Mayor Meanie." Polls show about 80 percent of New Yorkers agree with the demonstrators.