Friday, August 20, 2004

New Contest

As those of you who read my blog regularly (Sandy, Emery, who else?) know, I have a thing these days about oil prices and world oil supply. I know that most of you are bored silly about this. However, I am starting a new contest:

Guess how high the price of oil will go before 12/31/04. The winner gets their choice of t-shirts from Jesus' General store paid for by yours truly.

Contest will run through the month of August - that is you don't get to guess after that. And no cheating, you only get one guess (yeah sure). Just leave your guess on the comments section below (along with an email that I can contact you on). I will keep track of the guesses and inform you if you won.

Winning criteria - the closest (high or low) to the highest FUTURES price that WTI light, sweet crude reaches at any point on the NYMEX between now and midnight on 12/31/04

I'm really hoping a Republican will win this, because I would love to send them some merchandise from Jesus' General.