Friday, September 17, 2004

Blogging out of Boredom

Well I'm sitting around the house today like a 1960's housewife, with a big bag of ice stuffed into my knickers thinking about the old Far Side cartoon where the dog is sitting in the car gloating to the other dogs sitting on the lawn on how lucky he is because he is "going to the vet to get tutored". Yeah, after much cajoling by Mrs. Bubba I finally went to the vet to get myself tutored.

Overall it hasn't been too bad (yet!), but I'll spare you all the details. So what's the news from Lake Bushbegone. I checked out my colleague Cthulu's site, but all he wants to do is eat Nader voters. My friend stc has gone to SF with her hubby (do the words English Redneck conjur up any images for you?). Enjoy yourselves you lucky bastards. Oh, and by the way, your daughter's car needs a new battery.

Krugman's column in the Houston Chronicle today (probably in the NY Times yesterday) was spot on (as usual). I am pretty sure I have never read anything he has written that I disagree with.

One thing I like about the Houston Chronicle is that they pull out the long knives when they editorialize about Tom "the antichrist" DeLay as in this editorial today.

More later as Mrs. Bubba is calling me, and we all know she is the boss.