Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hold Them Accountable

I got this via my main man Atrios (Well he's not really my main man, Cthulu is my main man - well I guess he's not really a man - my main beast so to speak).

Operation "Fool Me Once..."

Don't be fooled again

Hundreds of newspapers endorsed Bush in 2000, based on promises--explicit and implicit--and trust in character, judgement and choice of advisors. Four years later, that trust has been betrayed. Write to the editors TODAY to urge them "Don't be fooled again." Here is some information to help you do that more effectively.

Four years ago, George W. Bush campaigned as a moderate Republican, a compassionate conservative. He said he opposed nation-building, and was "A uniter not a divider." Today we can see how well Bush lived up to those promises.

These are some of the typical things newspapers said four years ago:

"The Texas governor states he would not engage in "nation building." Good. It can't be done from the outside, and such an effort isn't worth rivers of American blood." -Tampa Tribue
"...adjusting the power balance between the states and the federal government, reining in some of Washington's more egregious incursions on state turf"-The Columbus Dispatch
"George W. Bush, committed as he is to ending "partisan bickering" as we know it, has credibly argued he can work with the ideological other." -The Arizona Republic

Operation "Fool Me Once..." is dedicated to making sure that America "won't get fooled again." We are encouraging ordinary citizens to write to the editors of newspapers that endorsed Bush in 2000. During October, they will be deciding who to endorse this year. You can help them remember how their trust was betrayed. You can help them to make a better choice this time, join Operation "Fool Me Once" and write a letter RIGHT NOW!

A model of what we'd like to see: Bush's hometown paper,
The Lone Star Iconoclast of Crawford, Texas, has written the quintessential presentation of Bush's record , and how no one would have voted for it in advance. (They've lost some advertising as a result, so visit them, and consider subscribing.)

Let's get those letters going. Let't make everyone of those papers eat their words.