Saturday, April 10, 2004

I just finished reading Ron Suskind's book about ex-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil - "The Price of Loyalty". In that book O'Neil more or less confirms what most of us have believed since day one of the Bush Presidency - that Bush is a dolt figure head and Cheney is the power behind the thrown. According to O'Neil it was Cheney who both hired and fired him. No wonder Bush and Cheney have to meet with the 9/11 commission together. There is no way Bush could handle it by himself.

On a similar note, here is an article today in the Washington Post about Bush spends 40% of his time.

"Democrats criticized Bush for taking the Easter-week vacation while U.S. forces are struggling to put down an uprising in Iraq. Campaigning in Milwaukee, Sen. John F. Kerry, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, said: "I notice President Bush is taking some days off down at Crawford, Texas, and I'm told that when he takes days off, you know, he totally relaxes: He doesn't watch television, he doesn't read the newspapers, he doesn't make long-term plans, doesn't worry about the economy. I thought about that for a moment. I said, sounds to me like it's just like life in Washington, doesn't it?"


This is Bush's 33rd visit to his ranch since becoming president. He has spent all or part of 233 days on his Texas ranch since taking office, according to a tally by CBS News. Adding his 78 visits to Camp David and his five visits to Kennebunkport, Maine, Bush has spent all or part of 500 days in office at one of his three retreats, or more than 40 percent of his presidency.

The anti-Bush group America Coming Together issued a news release yesterday noting that Bush was on his ranch on Aug. 6, 2001, when he received a crucial intelligence briefing that was prominent in Rice's testimony yesterday."


Friday, April 09, 2004

Check this out! It sends a powerful message.


My local paper, the Houston Chronicle, is generally not very good. The sports section is OK, but usually it is very thin on news - lots of ads and few news stories. However, since the drum beat for the war with Iraq started in 2002, I have been proud of their editorial page. The have consistently taken the stand that the necessity of war with Iraq was not demonstrated before we attacked, and that nothing since then has changed, and the Bush administration has been asleep at the wheel since it got in office. Of course, here in Texas, if you are not slavishly obedient to the Bush clan you are the enemy. Consequently, the Chronicle has been tagged by the Republican slime machine as part of the Liberal Media Elite.

Of course, this ignores the fact that William Safire, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Michelle Malkin, David Brooks and several other conservative to right-wing-radical commentators grace the editorial pages of this paper every day. God forbid that an alternative viewpoint to the right-wing bile be presented.

Anyway, here is today's editorial on Condoleeza Rice's testimony to the 9/11 commission.


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

OK, I've been messing around with this for over an hour. There is a lot of stuff I would like to add, but it will take some time.

One thing I found out is that Blogger is on Pacific time. I tried to change the time of my posts to Central Daylight time and the program wouldn't allow me to "publish" them. That took about 30 minutes to figure out when my previous post would not show up on the Blog.

The other problem with the time zone thing is that if I post at lunch or after work it looks like I am doing this at my work on company time. My kids already pointed that out.

Well, Mrs. Bubba is yelling at me to turn the computer off, so this will have to wait until later.

Until I come up with some catchy phrase to end my posts with, I'll just say hasta luego.



This is it. I've created a blog. Now what the hell do I say.

Hopefully, this will be a conversation with others rather than just a journal of my thoughts.

I still don't know what in the world I am doing. My first thought is - will I keep this up? My second thought is who is going to read this? (Answer - Probably nobody!)

So what is going on today. Let's see - All hell is breaking loose in Iraq. See Al Jazeera exclusive pictures for the true horror of war - beware - very graphic.
Why does the current Iraq situation not surprise me? Why was this outcome so obvious to a large amount of the world, but so oblivious to the majority of the American public?

For interesting perspectives of what is going on in Iraq see Bagdad Burning or Where is Raed . Riverbend (Baghdad Burning) is a young woman (20-ish) who lives in Baghdad. Her post from this morning ends with the following statement -

"And as I blog this, all the mosques, Sunni and Shi’a alike, are calling for Jihad..."

Condi is going to testify to the 9/11 commission tomorrow. More on this later.

OK, so this takes more time than I expected. Guess it will be a lunchtime and late night exercise.

More to come.