Monday, March 14, 2005

When the cat's away

WTF is going on here. I go away for a mere 10 days and when I return my liquor cabinet is empty, my pets are overweight and disobedient, and my blog has turned into Weird Al Yankovich doing the Beverly Hillbillies. (Oh yeah, I forgot that I took the liquor with me, and my pets always were overweight and disobedient, thanks to my overindulgent, animal loving wife.)

Actually, STC is a great pet sitter (as long as you clear out the liquor cabinet before you leave, and if you don't mind having your pets totally spoiled ; -)

But, NEVER leave her in control of the BLOG. It's like handing the keys of the insane asylum to the head psychopath. Pretty soon there are crackpots bursting out in song all over the place.

I mean, we have standards to maintain here at Belly of the Beast. We have a brand to uphold. What will OUR CUSTOMERS think about all this silliness? Moreover, I'm seriously worried about the reaction of our sponsors. Our advertising revenue is in jeopardy.

For these reasons I have decided that I can't go on vacation anymore - at least until I pay off my Mastercard bill from this last trip.