Thursday, April 07, 2005

2005 Bubba Awards (Early Edition)

OK, here is the first installment of the 2005 Bubba Awards. Not a lot of thought has gone into these, so I may change my mind in the coming weeks. Any categories I missed?

The Most Unlikely Person to Become My Hero Award goes to – Scott Ritter (also here)
Runner Up – Howard Dean
Second Runner Up – Michael Moore

Most Realistic Impersonation of Dr. Evil Award goes to – Tom DeLay
Runner Up – Karl Rove

The Liberal Media’s Secret Weapon Award goes to – Jon Stewart
Distant runner up – Paul Krugman

The Best Damn Show on TV goes to – The Daily Show
Nothing is even a close second

Scariest 2005 Prediction Likely to Come True – Peak Oil
Runner up – US Bombs Iran

Most Impressive Athletic Performance of 2004 -5 – Roger Federer

Funniest Blog on the Web - Jesus' General (Hey, I'm definitely not the only one who believes this)