Friday, April 22, 2005

Another of Bubba's Heros

Richard from NY Times photo

Last week I had the privledge of attending a local Democratic club meeting where Richard Morrison spoke. The meeting was only lightly attended (about 30 people), so it was more of an intimate discussion than a speech by Morrison.

If you don't know who Morrison is, I like to refer to him as the Luke Skywalker of U.S. politics. I call him this because he is the one taking on the Darth Vader of the House of Representatives head on, the one and only Tom DeLay. Richard is the 2006 Democratic candidate for Congressional District 22 here in Houston where Tommy D. is the current incumbent. Richard first ran in 2004 and got over 40% of the vote despite being outspent nearly 4 to 1 in a heavily Republican district.

Anyone who has ever met Richard Morrison knows what a warm and personable man he is. Not only that, but he is a tireless worker, and is fearless in his competition, both past and present, with the Bug Man From Sugarland.

In the wide ranging talk and following discussion, Morrison primarily addressed three topics: 1) Get out and do everything we can to support AJ Durrani for School Board Trustee. Richard stressed the help that AJ has been to his campaign. He was trying to return the favor.

2) Democrats must get involved in their communities. We must stand up and take leadership positions. We cannot allow the Republicans to take the lead roles at our churches, our schools, our civic associations, and our clubs. We must REPRESENT!

3) DeLay is bad! DeLay is corrupt! But, DeLay has lots of money. To beat him Richard needs money. He has a contribution program called Defeat DeLay Every Day where $10 is deducted monthly from contributors accounts. If 10,000 people sign up for this program it will generate almost $2,000,000 before the next election. Go to his web site and contribute.

The one thing, however, that Richard said that really caught my attention was when he called himself a Bubba. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

Fire up the Millenium Falcon boys, Chewy and me are in this fight now!

Good luck Richard, and may the force be with you!