Monday, April 25, 2005

The Downside of Atheism

Every once in a while, for no obvious reason, my hatred of the Bush Administration kind of overwhelms me. Despite many other potential catalysts (Social Security, Terry Schiavo, judicial nominations, and cheating to win the White House etc.) these feelings are invariably traced back to my own thoughts of Iraq. Do you realize that over 10 TIMES as many US Servicemen have died in Iraq since we declared Mission Accomplished than died in the actual "hot war" itself. Do you also realize that more than 3 times as many US soldiers have died since Dumbya was re-elected than died in the "war" portion of the Iraq war (460 vs 139). And what do we have to show for this adventure?

Well we have a country more divided than ever. We have a country in more debt than ever. We have a country that is unliked (if not disrespected) by most of the rest of the world. Our military is tied down, exhausted, and stretched thin. We are one catastrophe away from a REAL FUCKING CATASTROPHE.

I truly hope that, in the end, the world is as it was portrayed in the Old Testament. If that is true, an angry and vengeful God will bring Justice in the end to this lying pack of wolves who have taken over our Government, and they will all burn in Hell.

Unfortunately, I'm an atheist who really doesn't believe in any of that crap.