Sunday, August 21, 2005

Scared Shitless

My wife and I watched the documentary "The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream" tonite. The message was nothing new to me, but the film/video media with all of its visual imagery can pack a wallop, even when you are prepared. I am pretty sure my wife was not prepared for the dark message this film putting forward. She was visibly upset in the middle of it.

I am not a much of a pessimist as these guys, but sometimes I wonder if I am just kidding myself. When the price of regular gasoline goes over 3.00 (on average), 4.00, 5.00 per gallon there is going to be some political hell to pay. And that is where the shit starts to hit the fan. People will be blamed. Scapegoats will be found. ExxonMobil will very quickly be everybody's whipping boy. The Patriot Act will start being used for the purpose it was passed in the first place - to control an angry public.