Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita Roundup

I took a walk with my dog this AM up to I10 to look at the traffic going out of Houston (near Katy). The road is a parking lot (and that is not hyperbole). There is no gas. I suspect that a lot of people are running out of gas on the freeway just idling, which is slowing up the traffic even more. I also suspect that a lot of people are going to have to leave their cars and find shelter somewhere near the road, as they won't be able to drive to the destination they intended. Many, many, many people are leaving town. The fear in many people, especially those who have never experienced a hurricane, is palpable.

Even if Houston is completely spared, it is going to take a week from Saturday until the city will be funtioning normally again. Everything is shut down. If the refineries, petroleum storage facilties, and batch plants are damaged it will take a long time to resupply fuel to the gasoline stations. Not only that, but the tankers have to use the same roads everyone else will be using to try to get back home.

I will try to keep posting for the next couple of days as the shit hits the fan. Hopefully the power won't go out.

Until later.