Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bush - The most hated man in the world?

As I was looking at coverage of the Summit for the Americas and the anti-Bush demonstrations there, I was wondering if there was anywhere in the world, outside of some Republican strongholds in the US, where an actual spontanous gathering of people at a Bush appearance would not result in a multitude of epithets hurled at the supposed "leader of the free world". Of course such a situation will never be allowed to happen, but hypothetically speaking.

This led to the next thought of who (and when) was the last person who was so universally hated throughout the world. I guess you could put Bin Laden in that category, even though history will show him to be a small powerless bit player in the overall scheme of things. Perhaps Ayatolla Khomeni, but it is really hard for me to guage how the rest of the world thought about him.

Certainly no American President has ever been so despised thoughout the world as Bush. Nixon doesn't even come in a close second. And the worst thing is that I don't think he really has any clue how much everyone hates him.

Now Bush is not a mass murderer on the scale of Hitler or Stalin (even though he attacked a small weak country under the cover of lies and false pretenses resulting in an ongoing struggle causing the deaths to date of over 26,000 of its citizens).

So I guess the best we can say about Bush is that he is no where near as bad as Hitler.