Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ted is definitely not dead

OK Beasties, especially all you in Houston, Austin, and points in between, I am asking for your help. A friend of mine is running for Congress here in Tejas. His name is Ted Ankrum,and he has an uphill battle against the Republican machine here. He is running in one of those DeLay-mandered districts that were created in 2004 when five Democrats were redistricted out of their house seats. District 10 runs from west Houston to Austin, and the current incumbent is a typical Texas Republican and is deeply entrenched in the Republican Party here. His main sponsors seem to be Governor Goodhair (Rick Perry) and Senator Cornyn.

Ted is an extraordinarily-capable individual. He has been a top NASA executive, a senior EPA executive, a DOE official, and a diplomat (see his web site for more detail). He understands the current US energy situation and the risks of Peak Oil. He is someone who I can get totally behind, and I think stc would say the same thing. Please give him all the love (i.e. money) and publicity you can. I don’t know if he can win this district, but I sure know that Congress would be better with him as a member.