Saturday, February 12, 2005

Remembering Our Terrorists at Home

Okay, this one is going to come from left field and I have absolutely no figures to back up any of my opinions, but it has always bothered me when the government claims to shut down non-profit organizations for sending money for terrorist organizations when, in fact, Americans have been doing so for many years. I reference the Houston Chronicle article about the mosque attended by Hakeem Oijalon being questioned last week, and I agree that if there is a paper trail establishing a link between this organization and AlQuida, it should be dealt with. However, if we are going to attack Muslim organization, we need to be consistent and look into Christian ones as well.

There have been attacks on abortion clinic since the Roe v Wade decision. Most, if not all, of these have been funded by fundamentalist Christian groups who oppose abortion. If our government were to spend any equal amount of money investigating these group, a similar paper trail would appear. Why does this not happen? Because abortion is such a hot button issue for both parties that neither wants to touch it. Is this in the best interest of the American people? No, but we ignore the issue because it is too hot to handle.

Has anyone ever celebrated St Patrick's Day? Americans should know that the IRA has benefited from these annual observances for nearly 100 years. When the Irish immigrants came to America, they brought with them their own nationalism, and have used American's love of the event to raise money for their purposes ever since.

Anti-Abortion Groups = IRA = Al Quida All terrorists get their money and weapons from the same sources. We can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution. W is our problem; lets think of a solution in the next four years and we may just have a future.