Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Enemy's Enemy

Robert Novak wants the country to know what a dangerous man Howard Dean is. He's a ranting, intemperate madman who has taken control of the lunatic asylum that is the DNC and is scaring away contributors so fast he has the Congressional party leadership in a panic to stop him. Thank you Robert Novak, or can I call you Bob. Now that you are my new best friend and are being so kind as to look after my interests, I can sleep peacefully tonight knowing you've got bad Howie in your sights.

Call ME crazy, but when Republican or obviously right-leaning political columnists start giving helpful advice to the Democratic Party, I start thinking fox in the henhouse. First off, the media doesn't really like Howard Dean. He was the first candidate in a national election to start his campaign by taking it to the internet. Those of us in the blogosphere now feel the animosity the MSM feels towards cyberspace. Imagine how those with a nose for news felt about this political upstart in 2003. How dare he!

The right certainly doesn't like Howard Dean. He is loud, brash and arrogant, something the Republicans only like in themselves. He has been right on all the issues he fought the administration over, like the invasion of Iraq, the deficit and Social Security. He didn't just drop out of sight after loosing in the primaries, the way most candidates do. He's a big angry thorn in their side and in their way at time when most Democrats are uncomfortably silent. How dare he!

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party leadership doesn't like him very much either. Besides all the reasons listed above., he came from no where into a party that expects candidates to pay their dues (which in a way he is trying to do now). He didn't support the invasion or war spending like the rest of them. He raised money and voters when most of them couldn't. He rubs party leaders the wrong way because he continues to speak out, raise issues and hackles while they are playing the quiet game. How dare he!

Back in 2003 Dean told the DLC that the party could not win the election running a Bush-lite candidate. He told them a large voter turnout would be the key and to do that you need someone to get the party going, someone like Howard Dean. Turns out he was right, but the Dems, the GOP and the MSM managed to get him out of the race before he had a chance to prove it. There is not much they can do about the media and the right, but the Democratic Party better get on the page when it comes to Dean. The 2006 elections are just around the corner and he may be their best chance to score some increases in Congress and state seats, if they let him.

You know if Novak is talking bad about him, he must be doing something right.