Monday, August 29, 2005

Defending Science

One of the things I have enjoyed most about this blog is getting to know others though feedback by our visitors. Bubba once described blogging as screaming into an echo chamber; you're mostly just annoying yourself. However, over time we have amassed a legion of loyal readers (okay two, but we love you guys) and it is though their comments and additions that we have improved as writers, and thinkers as well. Time and again FAR has challenged Bubba and me to dig a little deeper, to avoid sound bytes and easy answers, and to do our homework before we post, so as not to prove quite so quickly how little about a subject we do in fact know. Far from being just some demanding SOB, he really is interested in furthering intelligent political debate.

Most recently, in comments following my Sharia-for-all submission, he asked me to explain some comments Kos made, to which I had linked. I did my best, answering his questions from my POV, as I do not know Kos personally or well enough to accurately characterize his. Several of the questions I felt related to the current popularity of intelligent Design and why it angers scientists and many others in leftblogosphere. While I learned the basics of evolution from school and had read about ID, there was still much I did not know.

Today I found a wonderful article that really does a good job of explaining why ID is not a scientific hypothesis at all, and why it is such a red flag to biologist and should be to the rest of us. So I give you Show Me the Science. It is long but easy to understand and so worth the read. Hopefully a spirited discussion will follow!