Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Let's Get REALLY Honest

Bubba really hit the nail on the head in his assessment of the popularity of the Republican Message. They have done their homework, their market research, and framed a public image that speaks to millions. Bubba also has it right when he points out how thorough a job the GOP has done in covering the country with their representatives. They are in control, both deep and wide of all three branches of the federal government, state governments, local governments and even school boards (and let's not forget the number of boards of directors). And it is true, Rome was not built in a day. If the Dems want to undo some of the damage done by a decade of inattention to the game (protecting their king, while leaving control of the game to the other side), they are going to have to start with a plan and make every move count. It is here where I start to disagree with Bubba and his suggestions for turning things around.

Instead of pulling together as a party by forsaking those things which make the Dems truly different for the GOP, they need to really embrace who they are and what they stand for, then they need to bring that message to the American people. And not as a carefully worded sound bite for the six o'clock news, but in a landslide of information across all forms of media, using TalkRadio, Blogs, print and TV, local elections, state elections and two years from now the next national elections to get the word out - Them Dems are back! Every time someone from the GOP tries to get a word in, they need to have someone ready to interrupt, loudly. Think the Repukes have cornered the fear market? What if the new message was something really scary, images of what this country will look like and be like if the GOP is left unchallenged and unopposed.

Lets talk about what has happened to education, to civil liberties, to jobs. Lets talk about what is really happening in Iraq, whats happening with healthcare and what will happen to Social Security under Bush and His Party. Lets ask the American people if they really want to go back 25 years to huge budget deficits, gas lines and a cold war world. Do they want a world without those landmark court cases that assured the freedoms we all now take for granted, but could lose under the conservative Christians running this country. For those who bring up terrorism, let's point out our way of life is under a greater threat from within, and then tell them how to be safe both here and abroad - real truth, real freedom, real democracy for all.

Howard Dean may very well be the best man for this plan. I hope he has the cajones to do something radically different. As for me, I plan on getting Kinky for Governor, how's that for a message!