Saturday, September 10, 2005

Man with the Screaming Brain

For reasons I can't explain, I watched The Man with the Screaming Brain tonight on SciFi. Directed by SciFi standard Bruce Campbell, written by Bruce Campbell, story by Bruce Campbell and staring Bruce Campbell, it was not the worse movie I have ever seen. That distinction would go to Big Trouble in Little China (another story all together), with a close second to Alien apocalypse (staring Bruce Campbell) which was on just prior to MwtSB. Talk about your must miss TV.

Not to damn the movie with faint praise, but you know things are bad when the best actor in the film was Stacy Ketch, stunningly acceptable as the mad Doctor Ivan Ivonov Ivonovitch. Antoinette Byron and Valdimir Kolev were engaging as Jackie and Yegor, though both lost their roles too early as pawns to the plot. Ted Raimi was cute a Pavel and Tamara Gorski curiously Angelina Jolie-like as the evil Tatoya. Bruce Campbell always seems to play the same character, stiff and uptight savior of the world, though by the end of this spoof, he had seriously let his hair down and started to find the soul of William Cole.

Brief plot - Mad doctor finds a way to fuse brain tissue and is curiously, easily supplied with bodies to experiment with. Couples are united and divided, by death, only to find resurrection from the good doctor. Happy Ending.

Why is this germane to this usually serious political blog? It occurred to me that something similar would be fantastic for the Bush administration. Imagine W fused with Howard Dean, intelligent, though still often unintelligible, but with a heart, finally. Cheney with Al Gore, still stiff and self-important, yet well meaning and somewhat ethical. Condi with Hilary, er, um, maybe that one would just turn around in circles, but you get the idea. Make your own suggestions and if I think one is priceless I'll send you a Republican Jesus T-shirt (or donate the funds to Katrina victims).