Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Living in Sin

This post, by Harold Meyerson of certainly opens the Pandora's Box of what is wrong in this country. We are lead by a man who embodies the eighth deadly sin - incompetence. From the war on Iraq to Katrina and now the prescription drug disaster, each effort by this administration has been an exercise in corruption, confusion and cronyism.

Meyerson lays blame for Bush incompetence on two of the original deadly sins, greed and sloth. Certainly there is enough evidence to prove the former, but the latter seems incongruous. Even when on vacation, Bush seems to enjoy hard work and exercise. On the surface, lazy he is not. Deep down however, we all know differently. And there is reason to believe he has become firmly committed to all the cardinal sins over the years:

While at school, "Incurious George" paid too little attention to history and too much to partying. Although he claims to be a non-drinker, his previous gluttony seems to have never been satiated. He can never be too rich or too powerful.

As a businessman he wanted to succeed in business without really trying. When all around him people were making good on the promises of their lives, he was still a loser. And it was really unfair too, because he owned a baseball team, was born on third base, but he could never score. So he did something really surprising and became a politician.

After the tragic events of 9/11, W got mad. He vowed to get OBL, dead or alive, so he attacked Iraq. Even though every action he has made since then has been an unmitigated disaster, he claims no fault, admits no mistake.

Lust I don't want to even think about, although there is the whole, useless Condi, scary Karen, bestest Scotus-nominee-ever Harriet, trinity. And don't even get me started on his mother.

If this is any consolation, scripture lays out punishment for the first seven deadly sins:

Lust: Smothered in brimstone and fire
Gluttony: Force-fed rats, toads, and snakes
Greed: Boiled in oil
Sloth: Thrown into a snake pit
Wrath: Dismembered alive
Envy: Put in freezing water
Pride: Broken on the wheel

Hope was what remained after Pandora's Box was opened. If Bush's incompetence doesn't kill us all in the next three years, we may be lucky enough to see some of the above happen to those in the WH. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.