Friday, December 02, 2005

Sea Stories

Ah, it's Friday night and all is fine in my little corner of the world. My nasty headcold has abated, the children have all managed to position themselves elsewhere, and has linked to BotB (see here and here). The people at are doing a great job of trying to publicize local bloggers. Let's all try to support them by visiting the site and suggesting others blogs for consideration.

As Friday is the traditional day for special interest blogging (or it is tonight), I thought I would entertain you all with this ditty I just made up. Actually, I've been meaning to write this for years now, and tonight, opportunity became the mother of invention. Enjoy...

An Englishman, a Frenchman and a German went out
For a leisurely moonlight sail.
The weather whipped up to a force ten blow,
And the boat tipped right to the rail.

The Englishman smiled in pure delight and said,
"What a great night to be at sea."
The Frenchman drank a few bottles of wine and said,
"Merde, I need a pee."

The German looked up and down the boat,
Then at the tempest swirling around.
As funny as this nautical tale might be,
No punchline has ever been found...

How would you end it?