Tuesday, November 08, 2005

World to US, Step Back

The comments on bubba's post, Bush - Most Hate Man in the World, have started me thinking about the administration in a number of new ways. Is Bush really the most hate man worldwide, since Hitler? Do the neocons in his administration deserve most of the credit for this perception, or does the buck stop with the president? Who else is responsible? Is the War in Iraq small potatoes compared to Global Warming? Or are they related?

I think the truth is world opinion on Bush was formed in 2001, when he reversed President Clinton's support of the Kyoto Protocol shortly after he was inaugurated. That one act sent a message around the world that he and his people care more about keeping their corporate benefactors happy, than they do about keeping the world from self-annihilation.

Rather that being a red herring to detract the country from Peak Oil and Global Warming issues, the war in Iraq is emblematic of their indifference to all things not seen as contribuatory to their business-controlled self-interest. War is good business, especially when no one today is being asked to pay for it. Driving up massive deficits can't hurt the current administration because they will not be in power when the bill comes. What matters to Bush is 2006 shareholder return on investment and executive bonuses for the favored 500.

Hurricane Katrina caused an unusual blip on the screen for Bush and associates because it threatened to reveal the awful truth of what Bush and his team of Terrell Owenses have done to this country. Unfortunately a gutless congress, too scared to open Pandora's Box of evil created by those in power this close to elections, have paved the way to more debt, buried with the pork spending they so adroitly deny.

Americans are to blame for the mess this country is in because they had all the information about what this administration was up to and voted to reelect the man anyway. We live in a greedy, self-absorbed ignorant culture in America and the world is watching.

If the world could send just one message to the US, I am sure it would be to: look around for the forest through the trees; step up to the plate of humanity and try some falafel; step back from the abyss that is ignorance of science and history, the two speeding trains threatening to collide if not attended to responsibly. Bush and his people don't care, but it is not too late for the rest of us, if we start paying attention now.