Monday, October 24, 2005

Baseball Bean Veddy Veddy Bad to Me

Let me say up front that I really don't like baseball. I do go to the occasional game, drink all the beer I can afford and complain about the 1/2 sized seats at Minute Maid park. I actually saw Roger Clemens pitch this year, although I was under-impressed by his ability to pitch six scoreless innings (it is moderately more fun when people actually hit the damn ball) and I was offended by all the insensitive cracks about his age (the same as mine).

So it is with some chagrin that I admit to having watched not one but four complete baseball games in the last week. All these years I've told anyone who would listen how hopelessly dull the game is to watch and have ridiculed the over-analysis of each player, team and game. Now I am forced to admit it is story-telling at its finest, with complicated characters, unpredictable plots and tension-filled climaxes.

Naw, I'm only fooling. The game is still indecipherable to me and regular season games are boring as hell, but postseason is fun when you are winning. I'm a Dallas girl, and therefore no stranger to playoff bliss - in football. But this year in Houston, baseball's the game, Astros the team, and our lucky number is still four. The last two nights have been as painful to watch as the NLCS game five and the 'stro's better get their bullpen together or they don't have a chance to take even one game from these White Sox. Hey, that almost sounded like I knew what I was talking about. Next thing you know I'll be watching golf. Don't get me started...