Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Democrat Reframes War on Terror and Other Unbelievable Tales

Stop the presses, uh, internets. This just in...Russ Feingold, spoke to NPR today in response to the President's daring new Strategy to Win the War in Iraq. In one single sentence my new hero managed to pinpoint what has been missing from both the administration and the Democrats. Feingold reframes the debate back to its origins, that what we should be working towards is victory against Al Qaeda. He then goes on to remind us that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11, but that the president has confused to two to a point where the endgame has been lost and along the way Iraq has become a requiting tool for terrorist worldwide. Step one to remedy this is to set up a realistic timetable for the world to see, how we plan to leave Iraq and reduce the threat our presence places on the region.

Be still my heart, did I just really quote a prominent national Democrat making positive remarks on a legitimate plan to bring real national security back to the forefront of public debate and make the world a safer place. When I asked for suggestions on winning the War of Words, cynicism reigned, anarchy ruled. Though, god knows, I really love an anarchist, what I was really hoping for was this very thing. No finger pointing or smear campaigns, enough of blame and whining (we already have Kerry for that). What we need in this country is a progressive voice of reason and courage, willing to speak the truth, even when it is unpopular, and vote his or her convictions. And guess what? He's running for President in 2008. Check him out and we'll talk later.