Thursday, November 10, 2005

etc, etc, etc.

There have been a number of informative, inciteful posts at the following sites. Make time to read through the comment sections, because there are jewels to be found there as well. Although I link here, I also refer you to the right side of this blog, where links to Josh Marshall, Brad DeLong and Juan Cole can be found. If you are interested in economics, the Iraq War or the troubles in France, these will not fail to elucidate.

I would also like to mention this editorial from the New York Times (via Yellow Doggrel Democrat) that basically slams the Bush administration. As go the polls, so goes the NYT. The fact that "all the news fit to print" in the United States has only now opened their eyes to what is happening in this administration should be more frightening than anything the paper has to say.

There are, of course, many more topics to cover. The Alito nomination, Texas' approval of a ban on gay marriage (or any marriage), and torturegate (not to mention phosphergate), but those will have to wait for another time. In the absence of new posts from BOTB, please keep these issues in your thoughts and remember to write your representatives and senators. Every opinion matters!