Friday, September 17, 2004

From Tom Toles (Washington Post)

No explanation necessary.

No further explanation necessary, however, Larry at Silence is Consent addresses this issue in a more verbal way.


Blogging out of Boredom

Well I'm sitting around the house today like a 1960's housewife, with a big bag of ice stuffed into my knickers thinking about the old Far Side cartoon where the dog is sitting in the car gloating to the other dogs sitting on the lawn on how lucky he is because he is "going to the vet to get tutored". Yeah, after much cajoling by Mrs. Bubba I finally went to the vet to get myself tutored.

Overall it hasn't been too bad (yet!), but I'll spare you all the details. So what's the news from Lake Bushbegone. I checked out my colleague Cthulu's site, but all he wants to do is eat Nader voters. My friend stc has gone to SF with her hubby (do the words English Redneck conjur up any images for you?). Enjoy yourselves you lucky bastards. Oh, and by the way, your daughter's car needs a new battery.

Krugman's column in the Houston Chronicle today (probably in the NY Times yesterday) was spot on (as usual). I am pretty sure I have never read anything he has written that I disagree with.

One thing I like about the Houston Chronicle is that they pull out the long knives when they editorialize about Tom "the antichrist" DeLay as in this editorial today.

More later as Mrs. Bubba is calling me, and we all know she is the boss.


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Who the hell is Austin Bay and why does the Houston Chronicle give him space to write his crap.

Saturday's opinion pages of the Houston Chronicle got my blood boiling. All of my right wing friends like to bitch, bitch, bitch about how liberal the Houston Chronicle is. Yeah, its so liberal that they carry on a weekly basis the following so called writers - David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, William Safire, Michelle Malkin, and Austin Bay. Liberal my ass.

Anyway Austin Bay is supposed to have credibility because he was a Colonel in some branch of the military. As such he apparently has a soldier's view of the world, and there is a reason we don't as a rule have soldiers making foreign policy for the US. Here is his 1/4 page editorial in a nutshell:

"to protect our free and open society, and to provide our families with the security they dearly deserve" we need to kill more Iraqis.

WTF. And aren't our 18 year-old privates the right people to decide who are the good Iraqis and who are the bad ones. Don't you all feel safer now that we have killed over 10,000 Iraqi civilians? I mean we have those bastards on the run. All those people who hate freedom. We're about to win this war, aren't we?


September Musings

Well it has been a full week again since I last blogged. Don't know whether I am getting bored of this or whether I really have more important things going on. So what is there to discuss this week.

How about the seemingly ineffectual Kerry campaign. Why is it that Democrats run such shitty campaigns? Why are they always playing defense rather than offense? Why do they continually let Karl Rove (or Lee Atwater before him) define the agenda?

I realize the incumbent administration has a huge advantage in terms of getting free media coverage, but Bush and his administration have so many apparent weak points. From my perspective, it is a very target rich environment. But Kerry has decided to campaign as a kinder and gentler Bush. His position on the war is nearly identical to Bush's (which pisses me and most Democratic activists off). He tries to explain his opinions about the war in very nuanced terms. This just allows Karl Rove to tee off on Kerry. It is just too easy to portray Kerry as soft, irresolute, and without strong convictions.

Kerry needs his own Karl Rove. He needs a James Carville. The Bushies do not play fair. Kerry needs someone who understands this and can go after Bush in a mean, low-down and dirty way.

The Dems cannot continue to pretend that there is not a cultural war going on in this country. For me the immediate enemy is not Al Qaeda. The enemy that has the potential to do permanent damage to the country that I love will not come from the outside. We are the strongest country or political union that has ever existed. Our military is so superior to every other force, no country would ever voluntarily take them on in a conventional fight. United, there is no way that our country can be defeated or even seriously threatened by an external enemy. However, like all great powers throughout history, the seeds of our destruction lie within. It is a rotting at the core that will cause our country to destruct.

The enemies of my country, the country I love, the Constitution I love, are Tom DeLay, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Richard Mellon Scaife and the rest of the right-wing cabal determined to turn this country into the largest banana republic theocracy that ever existed.

OK, I'm going over the edge here. I better take a break and take the rest of this up later.