Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Get Out and Vote - Ted Ankrum TX-10

The 2006 mid-term election season has begun. In Texas today through March 7th are primary elections for a number of important races including Democratic challengers for Governor, US Senator, US House, State Senate and House, as well as numerous local seats. Early voting runs from 2/21/06 - 3/4/06, with the regular election day 3/7/06. If the way the country is being run and the direction of its future is at all important to you, Get Out and Vote!

Ted Ankrum wants to be the US Congressman from TX-10, a gerrymandered district created by Tom DeLay for the 2004 elections, which runs from Central Austin to NW Houston. Two years ago no Democrat wanted to run in this district against Michael McCaul (R), a multi-millionaire hand-picked by DeLay and supported by big-budget corporate backers. In his first term McCaul has found no DeLay-backed bill he didn't like (including the Patriot Act). He has proven steadfast in his accountability to the political machine that got him elected, but noticeably AWOL to the people of TX-10.

To run against McCaul in the fall, first Ted must win in the Democratic primary against three hopeful, yet less qualified opponents. A contested primary is good training for the general election and an excellent sign for the future of the Democratic party in Texas, yet it is a drain of time and resources, especially if a runoff is necessary (to win a candidate must receive 50% +1 vote). Here is why Ted deserves to win.

Ted Ankrum is a four-tour Vietnam vet who worked his way up from enlisted man to retire as a Navy Captain. As a second career Ted worked in all levels of government, including NASA, nuclear regulator commission, the energy department and as a diplomat in Australia. These varied experiences afford him keen knowledge in: foreign policy including the conduct of war and transition to peace; energy policy and alternatives to fossil fuels; and options for America's healthcare needs, just to name a few. At a time when he could be RVing around the country enjoying his retirement, Ted has decided to stand up for his country once again. Ted has the endorsement of the Austin -American Statesman, many local Democratic organizations, and Belly of the Beast.

If you are against our continued mistaken mission in Iraq, vote for Ted. If you believe that the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress have acted recklessly, repeatedly, on the economy, healthcare and the Patriot Act, vote for Ted. If you think there needs to be a major change in the way American Government is being handled, mishandled, by those presently in power, vote for Ted.

If you are reading this post, do not live in this district or even this state, but you agree with Ted and the America for which he stands, you can still support him and other courageous candidates like him by following these links to the Progressive Patriots Fund and to the Fighting Dems. Find a candidate and Get Out and Vote. Oh yeah, and they could use your financial support too.