Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Vote for Ted Ankrum - TX 10

It is early voting for the runoff elections here in Texas from April 3-7, with election day April 11. Several very good liberal and progressive candidates are on the ballot and need every vote available to represent the party in the general election. These include Barbara Ann Radnofsky running for US Senate, Benjamin Z. Grant for lieutenant Governor and Ted Ankrum for US congressional seat TX-10. Voting is expected to be light and therefore, every vote really could make the difference.

Here is a personal admission - I did not vote in the primary. My reasoning was a principled one; I had planned to sign Kinky Friedman's petition to be on the ballot as an independent candidate for Governor. I make no secret of my distaste for the political system in America, which I see as inequitable and corrupt. So I am always willing to support a viable independent, and the only way to do that in Texas is to not vote in the primary. Kinky has just started getting to specifics on his plans were he to win, and while I like what I see. Problem is, as it turns out, I am not going to sign the petition. Ted Ankrum needs my vote more. I knew it back in the primary, but held off, hoping he would win outright without me, and then I could have things both ways. Wishful thinking and maybe the very reason the state legislature set the law up the way they did. Sure keeps independents off the ballots in Texas, but that is another post.

I am going to the polls tomorrow, taking my husband and daughter with me, so we can all vote for Ted. Because he is the best candidate for the Democrats and the best choice for Texas. If you want to know why I'm so convinced, just read these Q&A's from Capitol Annex. It's all you'll really need to know.

Ted Ankrum TX 10


Monday, April 03, 2006

Life Without DeLay

Nothing prepared me for the news today that Tom DeLay has decided to pull out of the race to keep his congressional seat. I knew the guy was the slimeball of the century and dirty up to his rug, but sleazoids like him always seem to stay the course, like the cockroaches he used to pretend to kill, back when he was the bugman.

Tomorrow's headlines will read that he withdrew to spend more time with his family, to keep them out of the news as his upcoming date with the Texas state court system gets closer. But we all know the real reason; federal prosecutors finally connected all the dots and plan to charge him with failure to act like a human being. Its about time.

The bugman is dead.