Wednesday, February 16, 2005

This Just In

From today's Houston Chronicle, an Assoc. Press article by George Gedda. The title reads Bush aide presses for democracy protection; Official criticizes Venezuela's leader in Senate hearings. It seems Robert Zoellick, Bush's designate for #2 at the State Department worries that we need to protect Central and South America from authoritarian governments taking away their democracy.

"Zoellick said a new breed of authoritarians follows similar patterns: 'You win election, but you do away with your opponents, you do away with the press, you do away with the rule of law, you pack the courts'."....oh wait, that was W's to do list from his first term.

What exactly is the difference between the neoconservative Republican party and those dangerous, authoritarian regimes they complain about - one party rule, puppet press corp, torture, mock courts - its all here. The only thing we may have in our favor is the constitution and the will of the American people, both of which are on the endangered list.

Must get back to my taxes, one of only two truisms left in the land of the free.