Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lost in the Blogosphere

30,000 children die every day from poverty-related issues in Africa. If this were happening on any other continent, it would be the most debated subject on the internet. The topic spans all the favorite talking points, politics, religion, money. Yet the issue's most attention-grabbing event in twenty years hits the airwaves, Live 8 - The Long Walk to Justice, and NOTHING makes its way into the "citizen press". Atrios, Kos, TPM, even the General have all ignored the major announcement of a worldwide event aimed at bringing attention to the upcoming G8 Summit and the ability of 8 men to change the destiny of millions. The MSM covered it because celebrities are involved, but the blogosphere has given it a pass.

I am so disturbed by this lack of coverage, I could scream, but maybe I shouldn't be surprised. The blogosphere is similar to the rest of the world, where a few major players decide what games are to be played, what the rules should be. Africa remains a forgotten subject, while children in the thousands continue to die from hunger and disease.

What can we do to make a difference? Here are three suggestions:

1.) When you cruise the blogosphere over the next day, week, month, advertise! Post on your own blog, make comments on others, get people talking, even the wingnuts. Remember, all publicity is good, so long as they spell the name right.

2.) Visit the Live 8, the One Campaign and Make Poverty History sites. Read up on the subject, decide for yourself that the issue is important.

3.) Do what you can to make poverty history, both in Africa and around the world. There are children in America who go hungry and without healthcare, who need and deserve our help. Be pro-active, get involved, help get the message to the world's leaders and vote.