Friday, February 18, 2005

A Long and Winding Road

I warn you this is likely to be:
A. Long
B. Rambling
C. Ambitious
but I promise to
D. Try and make sense in the end!

Nothing like Brother Rove to get the blood boiling. In the Chronicle this morning we are enlightened by the news that Bush and his fellow conservatives are committed to "fostering morality and values, including protecting the culture of life for every human person." This from the people who gave us the torture memo and Abu Graib. How moral is that?

And talk about values, check out Krugman today. What kind of values does it show to take away from those most in need while enriching the already wealthy. In short, Krugman points out how Bush's new budget plans to tackle the deficit by deep cuts in food stamps, health insurance for poor children, child-care assistance, education, the CDC and law enforcement. The administration does however plan to reduce/eliminate restrictions on tax deduction for the wealthiest Americans. What do we value in this country?

And as to protecting the culture of life for every human person - what do you call someone who isn't allowed their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Gay in America, haha funny, right? Marriage is a sacrament offered by the church, and the federal government has no business restricting what goes on in the church. But civil partnerships, guaranteeing both parties' rights to file tax returns jointly, share healthcare benefits and survivor benefits should be available to all adult citizens of the United States and to deny them is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Sounds like issues made for headlines and soundbites, doesn't it? Then why isn't the Democratic Party making some noise. Why are these issues okay to lie about if you are a Republican, but too politically hot to handle for Dems? The link provided is to an article about lifting the income cap on Social Security, a plan worth considering. And how do the Democratic leaders in congress respond? "Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said his party would be attacked for advocating tax increases if it were to embrace the idea. 'We're not going to fall for that,' he said." Why are the Dems loosing ground in every aspect of politics in America? Because they are too damn scared to stand for ANYTHING! How did the GOP gain power? By carefully crafting a political image which make them look strong, decisive, powerful and willing to fight for what they believe in. Image is becoming the reality and the real losers will be the American people if the Dems don't get their act together.

But just so it doesn't seem like I have no good news to report, I give you this article on Liberal Radio. There is a future for liberalism in America for those who truly believe, but it isn't found in the center or on the sidelines. It is in the truth and the Headlines, and the time to get started is now!