Saturday, February 19, 2005


How do you know the Dems are one the right path in electing Howard Dean? The Reperves start saying how stupid it is. Two items in Saturday's Chronicle praise the move as good for the GOP. In a letter to the editor Tina Benkiser, chairman, Republican Party of Texas, hails Dean as a gift to her party, while Robert Novak derides Dean as a political has-been and last choice for party leadership. The GOP loved to say how scared they were of Kerry and what a formidable opponent he was for the president, but as chairman Dean is some kind of joke? Me thinks the ladies doth protest too much. Roll on for a Democratic Party lead by a man who "believes that the fiercer the rhetoric the better", he'll be a perfect thorn in Karl Roves ass!

And on a more personal note: Bubba's daughter ROCKS!