Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Breaking Out in Song

Since my last post the Legislature has decided to take my advice and make Texas Ground Zero in the War on Poverty...NOT! In case you haven't seen the headlines, look here for an analysis of the proposed HB3 and their effect on the bottom 93% of income levels in Texas. The top 7% save money, everyone else gets pissed on, most especially those who earn under $25,000.

I was so depressed after reading about this travesty of justice and spit in the eye of humanity, I went to several of the sites Bubba has listed on the sidebar under Texas Lefties to read the prevailing wisdom of the Blogosphere (hey, I managed to keep a straight face while typing that). As per usual most of what I read only served to fuel my already righteous indignation, but one happy place did make me smile.

From Steve Bates - The Yellow Doggerel Democrat

I couldn't resist; it finally burst out of me. To the tune of Maria, with apologies to the late great Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim for parodying the stage version of their lyrics, and to Mad Kane, on whose parody territory I'm surely treading...



The most sickening sound we have ever heard:
Scalia, Scalia Scalia Scalia...
All the arrogant pricks in the world in a single word...
Scalia, Scalia Scalia Scalia...

We've heard from a judge named Scalia,
His rulings, cause for shame;
It's Tony that's to blame,
You'll see,

We're screwed by a judge named Scalia,
And suddenly he'll pound
The Bill of Rights to ground,
Will he!

All those Decalogs will be staying;
So be sure it's to his
God you're praying.

You'll never stop hearing Scalia!

The most sickening sound we have ever heard.

Steve in turn took his inspiration for the above from Mad Kane, who has some wonderful poems and song parodies of her own. She also has suggested saving Fridays for postings of local flavor and color, which I think I will try this week. Now there's something to look forward to!