Friday, March 11, 2005

Ballad of Tillman Fertitta

This is my hometown story for today, a Friday. It was meant to be something good about my hometown, but as I'm from Dallas, this is what came out. I think I'm feeling a bit cynical. Those of you who do not live in Houston can look up Landry's and find out who Old Till is. But as a short cut, think of him as our friendly neighborhood Walmart.

Ballad of Tillman Fertitta

Come 'n listen to the story of a man named Till.
A poor restaurantier, barely'd made his first mil.
Then one day he was looking for some land,
When up came the place that would give him a hand.

Kemah, that is, shrimpin boats, local dives.

Well the next thing you know, old Till's a millionaire.
His accountant folks said, Let's move right into there.
Said Old Kemah is the place to make you feared,
So he tore down the town and he built a "Hollyweird."

Weird it is, boring food, amusement rides.