Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I'm Back.......

It's been a strange couple of weeks since my last post. First, Bubba came back and I wanted him to have a chance to share what he had been thinking (not much by the looks of things- price of oil, blah, blah , blah). Then evil gremlins invaded my computer, requiring something equal to the length and cost of the Iraqi War to eradicate (no end in sight). Finally, we took a lovely little mini-vay to the hill country over Easter where I thought about this blog not at all.

In the hours since I been home however, I've had time to form some concrete ideas. One, Tom DeLay is a hypocrite and corrupt beyond words. It's jerks like him that make this country the totally screwed up mess it is quickly becoming. Someone said recently, if conservatives spent as much time worrying about the people in this country who really can use their help, as they have wasted bemoaning the case of Terri Schivo, they'd of never gone to war in Iraq, because they'd be busy protecting our boarders, educating the underclass and creating jobs so every American could provide food, clothing and healthcare for their own family.

Two, Kinky Friedman is running for Governor and I'm going to help him get on the ballot in 2006, if only because I love supporting third party candidates. It would be an added bonus if Kinky could expose Rick Perry for the useless waste of space he truly is. Plus, I really like saying my Governor's Kinky (and having it not refer to Schwartzeneggar).

Finally, I love Texas in the springtime. Cool temps, bluebonnets everywhere...it makes me feel so hopeful. In honor of this renewed love and faith in the land that I hold so dear...I Haiku

Bush, Perry, DeLay
Vote and Bullshit, Fart and Pray
Texas will survive